Google Changing Its Own Android Game? Good!

Google Android malware







Good Friday morning, everyone. I figured I'd chime in real quick with some potential big news regarding Google's Android. Most who know me personally know of the extreme caution I recommend when it comes to Android. It is absolutely abysmal in terms of security. Then yesterday afternoon, this comes out:

Google Now Scanning Android Apps For Malware

My reaction?

WOW... what is absolutely needed to 'help' bring rational security to Android... is happening.

This isn't a walled garden like Apple's solution, but it's a start. This also isn't full-proof, as this is reactionary based on existing known threats. But again... it's a start.

This really could be something promising for making Android better. I personally want to see what they've caught after they go live with this. The number could be good or bad.

My fear... this works 'well' and prompts Apple to 'open' up a little more with their depot of iPhone & iPad applications.

I'm actually kinda shocked, personally - but good for Google!

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