I Absolutely Adore Spotify, But…

spotify music... I really, really wish they offered a better app experience.

I pay for Spotify's best service. Nine bucks a month gives me everything I want from an online music service.

The quality... is awesome.

The catalog... is great.

But... that nine bucks a month really misses the mark with the iPad - and other 'mobile' or streaming options for that matter. I am complaining more than anything, that Spotify should have an iPad app by now. Quite frankly, it is crap that they do not. Also, Spotify should be available for multimedia outlets like Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, and the rest of the list. Rdio & Moog.

The app itself for Windows or OSX is junk. JUNK. It's a 'Songbird' wanna be, and it's horrible. It's not fully featured, at all.

While I'm not happy about the lack of an app or multimedia availability, I'll end by going back to the title of this post... I absolutely love Spotify. If you haven't made the plunge, do so... iPad app or not. You're really missing out on something great.

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