“Hack At It Again” – New Google Android Exploit Doesn’t Need Root Access

Google Wallet hacked

Seriously... SERIOUSLY, it was only a matter of time before the bad guys took your money directly from your Android phone, (while Google makes money off of your habits).

As soon as NFC was even brought up, let alone Google embracing it for their tech, I was laughing.

By the way, NFC turns your phone into a virtual wallet. Whereas, you can use your phone just like a credit card while you're at a checkout somewhere.

Google + NFC = financial theft (to go along with identity theft).

I simply don't understand why Android is a supported and a beloved device. Again I say, it's the biggest scam ever supported by the industry... put in your pocket.

My gosh... buy an iPhone, Windows Mobile, or BlackBerry. SERIOUSLY, what do you ABSOLUTELY need on a 'rooted' Android phone, (which Amazon's Android store suggests you root your Android phone...), that any of the phones above can't give you?

Answer: Nothing.

The only reasons why people use Android phones are 1) because they're dirt cheap, 2) they're the only phone pushed by the carriers, and/or 3) people hate Apple.

Listen, I get it - "FREEDOM", "I can do anything I want with my phone"... REALLY? I'm sorry, but I'd move into a gated community in seconds pending it's big enough. Any of the alternatives listed are.


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