New Mobile OS’s Will Be A Future Trend

google android flawEarlier this month, a story surfaced about Google asking journalists to tone down the story of a massive Google Play security flaw.

Personally, I am not surprised since this has been going on since 2008. This is yet another reason why I loathe anything Android (and a good chunk of Google, in general).
This is very serious stuff, and I feel like it falls on deaf ears when I bring it up. My mind just cannot comprehend the populous' decision to purposely lose their privacy and be a money-making whore for a faceless company.

It is of my opinion that in the coming years, Google will start experiencing the same backlash much like Apple is now.  Android has reached its saturation point (similar to Apple's iOS) and other ecosystems beyond Android and iOS will be coming. Samsung (the biggest Android provider) is starting the switch with its Tizen OS. I was a tad shocked to see Samsung moving off of Android and starting their own, but it makes sense when it comes down to business. In the years to come, I foresee more hardware companies that will opt to go in this same direction.

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