What is Social Media?

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Standard media and websites only provide information while commenting and discussion options are limited at best. Social media, on the other hand, creates an interaction with not only you and the information, but anyone else who has seen (or hasn't seen) the website/article/picture/video etc. The interaction can be as simple as sharing content, posting comments, engaging in discussions, voting in polls, or a number of other actions. Naturally, in today's internet business world, companies stand to benefit tremendously if they have a social media marketing and management strategy in place.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Marketing on social media involves the process of gaining followers and/or website traffic via social media sites. Social media marketing programs such as advertising on Facebook usually focus on increasing followers of the company or brand, while also creating content that encourages users to share it across their own social channels.

What are some types of Social Media Marketing channels?

Social media marketing and optimization involves a wide variety of social media websites. Some of the most popular types are listed below:

  • Social Networking (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) - users interact by joining "circles" or groups, adding or following friends, or engaging in discussions
  • Social Photo and Video Sharing (Flickr, YouTube, etc.) - users interact by posting, sharing or commenting on photos or videos
  • Social Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Squidoo etc.) - users are able to tag and search through websites that are bookmarked by others
  • Social News (Reddit, Digg, etc.) - user interaction revolves around commenting on articles as well as being able to vote on them

Why do I need Social Media Management?

A solid social media management and optimization strategy continuously monitors outbound and incoming online interactions. A major key to this is to take the pulse of and participate in relevant conversations in selected places (different types of social media) around the internet. Social networks like Twitter or Facebook are perfect for this, as well as blogs and other internet communities.

An effective social media management strategy involves two key areas. The first is delivering your messages and other content via multiple social media outlets. The second is staying in touch with what internet users (potential and existing customers) are saying about your business.

Why Should I Care About Social Media?

To be a successful business in the internet age, it has become essential to be a part of conversations about your brand. It is also important to monitor your industry and what your competitors are doing. The power of social networking takes "word of mouth" and multiplies it many times over.

By having a positive, authentic voice for your company, your business can build credibility and link to prospective customers rapidly.

Vegau has a variety of Social Media Marketing strategies that can help enhance your internet presence or take your business to the next level in social networking.