Surface vs. iPad: A Quick Glance

microsoft surface apple ipadSo I was tech-reading on the net (like I often do) and I came upon how Microsoft had a 'question and answer' session about their new 'Surface'. One user asked about its display vs. the iPad's Retina display. He said (basically) that even though the Surface's display has a lower resolution (by a lot), because of the way that Microsoft is utilizing 'Clear Font', that it's actually better than the Retina display.

I'm still laughing, and laughing hard at this horrible answer by Microsoft... and I'm not alone. One user said:

"Microsoft blows. The only area the Surface outperforms the iPad is in blowing real hard."

This, is a true statement. I mean, FanBoys get nailed about 'drinking the kool-aid', but seriously Microsoft... wow.

Look, the ONLY thing the Surface has over the iPad is a FULL OS, depending heavily on the fact that you get the "right" Windows 8 tablet. Yes, there are two of them.

It's the full version of Windows 8, new UI and traditional desktop, on a 10" tablet. You're going to pay for that Full OS tablet by the way. #ProTip - customers should really think about how they will be using their tablet device before they choose.

So if you "need" a full OS on a 10" piece of glass, that's fine. I can think of a lot of reasons to have a full-blown version of Apple OS X on a 10" piece of glass. But don't sit there and try to tell me that the screen, that is subpar to a technically-built display, is better. That's just garbage.

The problem that I have for a full OS on a 10" piece of glass is, ergonomics. This is huge. Using my iPad for longer than an hour, my neck and arms tire. This has to do the weight of the iPad 3, and the Surface is heavier. If I think about a traditional desktop, and what I use a traditional desktop for, I cannot do this on a 10" piece of glass whilst sitting on my couch. Nor would I want to do that on an office chair and desk. Most "desktop" applications (if not all) require a keyboard AND a mouse. Which, that keyboard cover by the way, is not standard with the Surface. That's 100 dollars extra (notice how they're not touting that, eh?).

So, that's 500 bucks to get the "regular version" of the Surface, or 600 bucks for the "full" Windows 8 version. THEN another 100 bucks for the keyboard cover - which isn't all that great for using "as a keyboard". That totals around 700 bucks for a 16GB tablet. What?!

Like anything, it depends on what you use a 'computer' for. For me... when I want a desktop, I WANT a desktop, and I DON'T WANT Windows 8.

Like my original quick review of Windows 8, I said I thought it was brilliant in concept, but it doesn't work in practice. I do think that Apple's approach is better by taking the tablet back to the desktop, vs. the desktop to the tablet (like Microsoft). They are two different approaches that will eventually meet in the next five years. Windows 8 is still a good five years out. Well, maybe make that ten years for Microsoft, and five years for The Fruit.

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