Twitter Advertising

marketing on twitter
Twitter is a unique social media platform that serves up unique opportunity. Twitter’s advertising value lies in understanding how your audience gets engaged within the channel. As opposed to photos in Instagram marketing or text/display ads for Facebook advertising, companies using Twitter can build their brand by curating interesting content and capitalizing on passionate conversations.

When it comes to Twitter’s maturing advertising platform, we’re ahead of the curve. With our strategies, we work to push your message to the right user at the right time. We aim to optimize so your budget is deployed more efficiently, resulting in higher ROI.

At Vegau, we have found innovative ways to push the platform’s best practices to the limit. Thanks to these practices, your organization can benefit from:

  • Identifying and testing your most profitable content
  • Real-time optimization (based on users’ engagement and conversion behavior)
  • More value for your dollar by amplifying messages based on both organic and marketing data
  • Custom audience targeting that pushes your tweets  and content straight to the audience whose interests and behavior align with your highest-value customers

If you need someone to manage or if you’re looking for assistance with developing your Twitter advertising campaign - whether it be here in Maryland or across the country - our expert marketing team can get you up and running in a flash. Contact us today!