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Digital Marketing Trends In 2016

Believe it or not, 2015 is already in the rear-view mirror and we are already weeks into 2016! While the arrival of the New Year means that we entering the heart of winter here in the Washington, DC metro area, we are also making our way into a new digital world. Trends change incredibly fast…
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My Music Library Refresh with iTunes Match – Part Four

Finally... weeks later - and with the re-ripping of a couple of The Mavericks CDs I still needed... I'm done. Some Stats: - when I started, I had 5,000+ songs less than 256bit - now that I'm finished, I have 250+ songs less than 256bit - when I started, I had 3,000+ songs less than…
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My Music Library Refresh with iTunes Match – Part Three

Well, the process is still a-kickin'. The more I do this, the more I see that some digital music is simply not the same as other digital music. Taking it a step further, some digital albums are not the same. This is because of various reasons. For example: the actual recording process, the track order,…
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A Quick Facebook Lesson In Privacy

If you care about your personal privacy, not just online but in real life, and care about social profiling; make sure you are not logged into Facebook - and once you visit it, empty your browser's entire cache. Or, use one browser for Facebook and use a different one for all other activity. Your best…
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