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Welcome to Vegau - an Enterprise SEO Agency

When it comes to the search engine optimization for the enterprise in Maryland, DC, Virginia or beyond (also referred to as B2B SEO), the strategies needed to succeed greatly differ from those for a smaller company. With Vegau, you do not just get “another SEO company” - you get a strategic partner. We aim to increase and solidify your position in organic search results. By measurably increasing traffic over time, leads and sales conversions from non-branded organic search queries will also begin to increase. From coding to content, audits to competitor analyses, and consulting to ongoing content marketing, we can help take your website to a higher level.
The Challenges of B2B SEO

Successful websites of large businesses usually have three things in common. First, the websites are coded and structured so that the search engines can find them, read them, and index them properly. Second, the websites need volumes of relevant and unique content. Finally, the web presence of the enterprises must establish the companies as authoritative industry leaders. Fortunately, enterprise companies usually do not have any issue with obtaining links from media websites, partners, vendors, etc. Most of the time, the issues they struggle with the most are website structure and content, as we will examine further below.

Code & Site Structure

When it comes to business to business and business to consumer websites, many are massive in size. It is common to find that different sections of the website are managed by different autonomous divisions. It is because of the “multiple hands in the pot” scenario that creating a unifying standard tends to get difficult. While building a unified strategy can be quite the mountainous task, this is also why we are in business. After performing an enterprise SEO audit, we use the data to determine the best course of action for the development and design side of your website.

Content Challenges Conquered

If your large association, Fortune 500 / 1000 company, or non-profit is not ranking well organically, a lack of quality content may be the issue. Studies have found that on-page SEO represents the majority of what goes into the “ranking equation” - so if you have a large website, it is imperative that your pages with SEO copywriting be constructed properly. In some cases, changes to some areas do not need to be wholesale, as small changes to the content can result in positive effects on organic rankings.

In many situations, content quantity is not the problem, as adjustments to the content’s structure can oftentimes remove road blocks that were causing issue with search engines. As an example, if your enterprise’s website has a catalog of hundreds of white papers, if they are not structured or linked to properly, your rankings could be suffering as a result. When our larger B2C and B2B SEO clients partner with us, these are just some of the possible issues we look for in our website audits.

The Case for SEO Investment

Whether it’s due to a lack of focus when it comes to inbound marketing initiatives, or if it’s just the sheer size of the company, many enterprise organizations remain on the fence about search engine optimization. All the while, many small businesses often invest what they can in SEO. When it comes to keeping smaller companies from outranking your large business, an investment in B2B SEO goes a long way.

Are you a marketing executive for a major organization, a B2C or B2B company, or large association in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia or beyond? Contact us today to start getting the organic visibility you deserve!