PPC Management Services

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These days, it doesn't take much to start up an online Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising or search engine marketing (SEM) account. To effectively manage a PPC account, however, is a completely different story. This takes an understanding of your business, knowledge of search platforms (like Google AdWords, Google Shopping, and Google My Business), and expert search marketing and management skill. This understanding and expertise helps us to maximize your paid search traffic, getting you the most out of your online advertising budget.

While there are a plethora of tools and strategies that can help maximize your campaign, we always start your service by taking the time to understand your business. With the competitive landscape of online advertising growing by the day, it is more important than ever to have someone understand how you are seen and searched for via the internet.

The Dangers of "Do-It-Yourself PPC"

These days, businesses both small and large are trying to save where they can. While some businesses may think that there's little harm by going it alone in the pay per click world, that is unfortunately not the case. In fact, it can sometimes be quite dangerous, as the landscapes of PPC advertising and online ad platforms continue to evolve at a very fast rate. Depending upon a company's campaign, the simplest of mistakes can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars... per day!

With new features, tools and metrics being added to these SEM platforms every few months it seems, even marketing professionals have to stay on their toes to keep up. From standard text and display ads to video advertising on YouTube, there is a lot to keep track of in today's paid search landscape. Add to that all of the factors that go into keyword research and bidding and the PPC process is quite a demanding one for businesses of all sizes. In the end, this leaves those without true PPC experience in danger of spending a lot of advertising dollars that they don't have to!

Why Choose Vegau For Your PPC Campaign?

Vegau has years of Pay-Per-Click experience working with large regional and national companies. Whether you're more interested in branding through Google AdWords or your ultimate goal is sales conversion through Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping, Vegau can implement the best strategy to achieve maximum performance from your ad budget.

Vegau's PPC Advertising management packages include the following services:


  • Google AdWords Management
  • Competitor Analysis & Industry Research
  • Text & Display Advertising Copy Creation & Testing
  • YouTube Video Ad Campaign Creation & Management
  • Geo-targeting & Day-parting Analysis
  • Conversion Tracking & Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Research & Generation
  • 24/7 Campaign Tracking
  • Custom Reporting & Consulting
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring
  • Click-fraud Tracking & Reporting