SEO Consulting

Vegau offers SEO consultant services to companies that wish to:

  • do their own in-house search engine optimization but want to get ahead of the game by consulting with an SEO company who already has an understanding of the current search engine landscape and what lies ahead.
  • gain an understanding of how their own website design is helping or hurting them, and how learning to optimize their site structure will make their site (and future websites) more search engine friendly.
  • understand their competition and how holes in their own SEO strategies may be used against themselves.
  • gain insight and knowledge of keyword targeting in order to choose the most profitable optimization strategy.
  • understand the best methods on how to build quality links.

The advice we give will promote high rankings but at the same time it will not compromise your web domain with questionable search engine optimization tactics. SEO companies who use these "black hat" tactics put their clients in danger of eventually having their sites severely penalized or even worse, being black-listed.

Over The Phone SEO & Personal SEO Consultant Services

Nobody wants to pay for unusable advice, so that is why we require an initial one hour phone consultation to get the process started. This will help you avoid paying for advice from us that is based on changes that cannot be implemented, or misunderstandings about the functionality of your site. In this conversation we will ask you about your website - from why it is designed the way it is and also explaining why certain features and functions have been included.

If possible, we recommend that you have your web designer present for this initial phone consultation. This will help to better address technical issues so that we may get a better understanding of their skills and/or limitations. This will also allow the designer to explain how certain aspects of your site function.

As a note, you may find that you can save both time and money by beginning with one of our paid SEO Audits. These services will provide you with an expanded collection of data to work from. This can significantly reduce the amount of consulting time by addressing many of your questions/issues in advance.

SEO Email Consultant Services

There are times when you simply hit a roadblock and you need someone to ask. It could be about of any number of SEO factors, from your site's structure, building links, a site map, or a number of other possible issues.

When you just want to ask a question or two, using our email SEO consultant services may be the best route for you to take. Through this service, we will provide you with accurate, knowledgeable answers to your SEO inquiries.