Google Ads Agency

No matter if you have an existing pay per click account that is in need of professional care, or if you need us to set up a new one, our PPC management team can get you up and running in no time! From simple text ads to display ads and from video advertising on YouTube to the Google Shopping network via Google Merchant Center - we handle it all! From Maryland to Virginia and Pennsylvania to Washington, DC as well as national accounts - our experts can help you get found online in a hurry, all within your budget!

As opposed to SEO services which are more of a long term investment, a great thing about Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is it can provide almost instant traffic. Once the account it set up and the campaigns are taken live, your website can be seen almost immediately.

While setting up an AdWords account is one thing, managing it takes a different skill set. Here at Vegau Digital Marketing, we have been managing all types of PPC campaigns for well over a decade - from small, local accounts based in Frederick, Maryland to accounts for large businesses who sell to the DC metro area and nationwide.

While proper management includes finding the best keywords, ad copy and video content to drive the most conversions, it also includes something very important that some businesses shockingly forget about - saving money! Whether it’s a Google Ads audit of an existing account or building a one from scratch, we have the expert know-how to create targeted ads for the keywords that mean the most to your business - without blowing out your budget on phrases that will rarely, if ever convert.

Our experience at Google AdWords management is what keeps our existing clients partnered with us, and our ongoing positive referrals bring in new and exciting businesses of all sizes. From standard display and text ads to YouTube video advertising, there are a variety of ways to reach your target audience. What's more, if you have an online store, we can help link it to your PPC account via the Google Merchant Center so your products show up on the Google Shopping Network! There are so many ways to succeed!

If you have a business in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or the Washington, DC metro area (or anywhere in the United States) and you are looking to rapidly enhance your paid marketing presence, give us a call today to see what we can do for your business!