Landing Page Optimization

A key part to gaining more conversions from search engine marketing comes from a solid, onsite landing page effort. The process of landing page optimization is aimed at increasing the amount of conversions your web pages see from the traffic that is brought in by either paid or organic search. Vegau's SEO landing page design service designs, builds, and optimizes these pages to help provide the best conversion solutions possible.

Landing Pages Aren't Just For PPC

When most people think of the term "landing pages", they think of pages that they've been directed to after clicking a Google AdWords pay per click advertisement. While true, landing pages like these do not only benefit from PPC! In fact, landing pages can be highly useful in your SEO efforts. These pages can not only enhance the user-experience of your website, they are also excellent tools to help the search engines find what you want them to see!

Creation & Optimization

Even the smallest changes to your landing pages can dramatically increase your results - whether you consider your conversions to be leads or sales. Vegau creates and tests multiple landing pages ensure that you get the most out of your website design. The strategy, expertise, and testing methods are no simple task, and Vegau is ready to handle these elements for you.

What to expect in the process:

  • Website Analysis & Consultation
  • Market & Competitor Research
  • Define Goals & Attributes For Testing
  • Website Layout & Copywriting
  • Design and Code Landing Page
  • Create Optimization Plan
  • A-B and Multivariate Testing
  • Optimization Implementation
  • Full Reporting, Statistics & Analysis
  • Delivery of Winning Landing Page

This leads to:

  • Improved ROI
  • Expert Optimization Testing
  • Professional Analysis of Website Traffic
  • Increased Leads
  • Performance Stats and Comparisons

If you are looking for a landing page designer to increase RIO from your SEO and PPC campaigns, look no further! Contact us today!