Email Marketing Services

Email Template Creation & Coding

If you are in or around Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia or DC and you are looking for an email marketing agency to serve the needs of your business, then look no further! At Vegau, we create, code and launch successful campaigns for clients across the country.

Did you know that more than 50% of emails nowadays are opened on mobile devices? Did you know that 80% of emails will be immediately deleted if the template looks “weird”? These are precisely the reasons why you need to partner with a professional email marketing services provider.

Our developers and designers first learn about your brand, then translate your identity into visually appealing email template. We then implement the very best practices in order to drive higher click-through rates (CTR).

email marketing awardOnce your company approves the design, we convert it into a responsive template. This email templates usually contain custom content modules as well as a customer header and footer. We then test the email across multiple email clients (such as iOS, Gmail & Outlook) to ensure that it look great no matter how your subscribers choose to view it.

Once the strategy is set and the email has been created, we then set up and launch your new email to your list of contacts. As the email gets distributed and the data comes in, you can see stats such as opens, click-thrus and more, enabling you to measure the results.

We know that every business different each with its own goals and special needs and we look forward to helping you with your next great idea or dream. Contact us today for more information!