Wikipedia Writers & Page Creation

Writing articles on Wikipedia is not like a bulk of writing efforts that you may be familiar with. Wikipedia has complex rules regarding references and content which makes the involvement of writing and editors like ours all the more critical.

Oftentimes, writers get too "salesy" when trying to write for Wikipedia. Many tend to draw on influences from advertising, journalism, PR, academic or legal writing and are many times left frustrated with the process. Just like SEO copywriting takes a certain style for it to work effectively, the same can be said for Wikipedia article writing.

The most profound difference is that instead of "individual writing", authoring a page for Wikipedia is "crowd writing". Whereas in writing a news article, research paper, legal brief, press release, or ad copy, the author has total control over the content - that same control is gone when writing for Wikipedia. In many cases, if material is posted that is not written in Wikipedia style, the outcome of a page may end up being greatly different from the originally submitted text. Therefore, if you do not get it right the first time, it opens the door to even more headaches.

As an example, someone with PR experience may upload a profile of its client that reads a lot like a press release, leaving the submission vulnerable to removal by Wikipedia's editors due to failing to demonstrate notability, a lack of proper referencing, and not complying with Wiki's required neutral point of view. What's more, those within the Wikipedia community may even search for additional information about your subject and post an article that could be based much more on media articles that are critical in nature. In cases like these, improperly adding to Wikipedia can hurt a company (or individual)!

It is because many Wikipedia page creation submissions are the result of "content-shaping" from hundreds of edits submitted by dozens of contributors over time, that writers who are accustomed to thinking in terms of "writing an article" remain confused about the process.

Here at Vegau, our Wikipedia writers have years of experience in editing Wikipedia content, enabling us to anticipate the likely reaction of the site's community.

Because Wikipedia has many guidelines and policies regarding their encyclopedia-like content, not every subject (or company) ends up meeting Wikipedia's eligibility criteria. These standards require special rules for the biographies of living people, neutrality, verifiability and more. If you would like to know more about your subject (or company) meeting the Wikipedia criteria - or if you are ready for us to get started writing your entry - contact us today!