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Two-Factor Authentication Breaking Through To Social Media

Earlier this month, Aaron Hahn wrote about Apple finally adding two-factor authentication. With tech giants like 'The Fruit' & Google implementing the added security measures, it was just a matter of time until social media got involved on a larger level. Just last week, Twitter officially announced their own two-factor authentication. So who would be…
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A Quick Facebook Lesson In Privacy

If you care about your personal privacy, not just online but in real life, and care about social profiling; make sure you are not logged into Facebook - and once you visit it, empty your browser's entire cache. Or, use one browser for Facebook and use a different one for all other activity. Your best…
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Tide Takes Another Ride

For many marketing teams, finding the "next great pitch" or creating the "next great ad" can be quite the time-consuming process. Sometimes, however, there are days when things just fall into your lap. That's what Proctor & Gamble, maker of Tide detergent, found out a week ago at the Daytona 500. After NASCAR driver Juan…
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