Facebook Advertising

maryland facebook marketing
Whether you have a local business in or around Frederick, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia or Pennsylvania - or if you are a national brand - when it comes to Facebook advertising, our ability to identify and target high-value customers while keeping costs low makes us one of the best social media marketing companies you can find.

As the largest social network in the world by a wide margin, Facebook marketing is a near-perfect tool for advertisers to connect with their users. Facebook has over 900+ million active users worldwide with 160 million of those users being right here in the United States.

At Vegau, we offer a variety of Facebook advertising services to suit your campaign budget and other requirements. While advertising on Facebook can be great for the enterprise and broad markets, it is also the perfect way to reach niche markets, precisely.

With our Facebook data set which includes specific social and geographical information, we are able to advertise to an exact audience that best fits your targeting criteria. Age, location, personal interests, gender, and job functions are all pieces of data that we use to refine targeting.

Our Facebook Marketing Services include:

  • Audience Identification – We locate and target your perfect audience, including size and budget estimations.
  • Page Development – We design and manage a custom Facebook page that fits your business’s requirements.
  • Creative Design – Depending upon the ad campaign, we can create images designed especially for your target audience.
  • Insights & Statistical Monitoring – Using Facebook Insights, we report on the progress of your campaign, showing who is engaging with your advertisements.
  • Reporting – We keep you updated each month with a report that details expenses and conversions.

If you’re looking for help with developing your Facebook marketing campaign here in Maryland, DC , Pennsylvania or Virginia - or across the country - our expert social media team can get you up and running in a hurry. Contact us today!