Instagram Advertising

marketing on instagram
Thanks to Facebook’s world-class targeting, many social media marketers can witness better results from Instagram advertising than through other social advertising channels. Based in Frederick MD, Vegau proudly serves the Washington, DC metro area and companies across the United States with social media marketing needs including platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Did you know that audiences of Instagram have a brand engagement rate that is 50x higher than users on other platforms? The highly popular photo sharing platform has quietly become one of the best social networks for user acquisition!

Aside from the obvious #foodporn hashtags, fashion industry posts and selfies, marketing on Instagram provides a wide array of direct response advertisers the ability to tie creative, visual storytelling directly to the conversions they are seeking.

As a full-service digital media marketing agency specializing in social media, Vegau is prepared to help create custom, engaging campaigns on Instagram. Whether you have a local audience here in Maryland or DC, or a national audience that spans the mid-Atlantic region or across the United States - contact us today to see how we can help you get started!