LinkedIn Advertising

linkedin advertising
As opposed to advertising on Twitter, Facebook or marketing on Instagram, LinkedIn advertising focuses on a select group - a professional audience. LinkedIn is a social network in which business professionals are connected - from all over the world. Many users of LinkedIn are the “down-to-business” types, so marketing to them needs to be done differently.

As a full-service digital advertising firm specializing in social media marketing, Vegau is able to create custom, effective ads on LinkedIn! LinkedIn attracts professionals from not just here around Maryland and Washington, DC, but also the United States and the rest of the world. These professionals use the platform to look for a better job, stay up to date on industry news, expand their horizons, or to just meet new people with similar expertise. This is also why LinkedIn is often seen as the internet’s version of a networking event.

Similar to advertising on Facebook, there is a lot of information that is contained within the profiles of LinkedIn users. In addition to age and location, users also submit the companies they work or have worked for, their job titles, and much more.  This enables marketers to specifically target ads that can be shown only to people in certain geographic areas - from something as narrow as Frederick MD to something more broad like the state of Virginia - or the entire country or rest of the world! Ads can also target professionals within certain industries, as well as their job functions!

If you are looking to reach professional, highly educated audience, then advertising on LinkedIn may be right for you. Contact us today and we will work with you to create a custom, comprehensive campaign strategy for your business!