What is SEO?

Business owners and those in the marketing industry hear the term thrown around frequently, but few are able to totally grasp what all goes into the process of search engine optimization.

So, Exactly What is SEO?

SEO (sometimes referred to as SEO marketing or SEO optimization) is the thorough process of optimizing a website with the goal of receiving increased organic traffic from search engines (Google, Bing, etc). This is accomplished by the implementation of strategies designed to improve internal and external aspects related to generating search engine traffic.

Each business has their own specific needs when it comes to SEO. While a small, niche business may require a very specialized, focused strategy, a larger project like SEO for the enterprise requires a much more broadened approach. Since the optimization of a website requires researching so many unique factors (including the website design itself), many firms now rely on digital marketing agencies whose chief focus is search engine optimization.

Why Do I Need SEO?

In today's economy, focusing on SEO has now become a necessity for many businesses. Today, most internet traffic is generated by the main search engines - Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If these search engines can not find your site and input your content into their databases, then you are missing out on some truly remarkable opportunities.

The search terms (or queries) that a user types into a search engine keyword box are incredibly valuable. The traffic generated by these terms can be a powerful force in determining the success (or lack thereof) of a business. Therefore, an investment in SEO services to capture these targeted users can eventually lead to exceptional returns.

Why Do Google (And The Search Engines) Need My Site To Be Optimized For SEO?

SEO is a constantly changing practice because the major search engines are always improving their own algorithms and website crawling technology. It is the function of the search engines to provide the most relevant results to their users as possible.

While proper SEO strategies and techniques can score big visit totals for your website, improper or incorrect moves can get you penalized, leaving you relatively invisible in the search results. With a solid SEO strategy in place, your site's content will not only be readily visible to the search engines, it will appear more visible to users in the search results.

The landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing, as it is getting more competitive as time goes by. This means that businesses with a solid SEO strategy in place will have a great advantage over those that do not.

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