Seven Social Media Sins That Annoy Your Friends


Just about all of us nowadays use some form of social media, and most who do have accounts on multiple platforms. Being that I'm one of those multiple-platform people, I figured I would share some thoughts on some of the "not-so-good" trends I've noticed - in hopes of making the Social Media Universe a better place.

Do you know social media users who engage in the following?

#1) Connecting Twitter To LinkedIn


This may seems obvious to some, but I still know some very smart people who do it. The Social Media Universe will be a much happier place once people realize what each social media platform is for. For instance, LinkedIn is more for career-related items at a slower pace while Twitter has more of a current, micro-blog feel to it. Therefore, connecting your high-frequency Twitter account to your LinkedIn feed is not a good thing, as it is a sure-fire way to annoy many of your professional connections.

#2) Posting "Old News" On Facebook


It always cracks me up when someone posts a "breaking news" item to Facebook as if they'e the first to report it, when in fact the story is hours or even over a day old. Chances are, if you see something on the internet, you're not going to be the first to break the story to all of your friends 🙂

On the other hand, if you post a link to a story AND share a comment on it at the same time, then that's a much better way to engage your friends in discussion - which is one of the purposes of social media!

#3) Posting What Songs You're Listening To


I love music. I love all different types of music. I love discovering new music. However, I do not want to know about every time you listen to music. Sharing a new song with friends every now and then is a wonderful use of social - but tweeting or creating a Facebook post every three minutes as you go through music on Spotify is just reason for your friends to delete you from their Twitter stream or newsfeed.

#4) Posting What Articles You're Reading


When it comes to social media, sharing should mean caring. Unfortunately, some users engage in over-sharing, which few people enjoy. If there is a great new song out there that you want others to listen all means, share it!  The same goes for a great article that you've read. with music, when you share every single item you come across, it becomes tiresome. Therefore, I encourage you to check your sharing settings before you start getting removed from Facebook newsfeeds or Twitter streams for sharing countless articles you've read about Snooki.

#5) Harassing or "Trolling" on Twitter


I understand that Twitter can be great for one-liners and sarcasm. Heck, my friends and I do it all the time and some of the material is quite humorous. However, there is a line, a "Trolling Line" if you will, that some end up crossing. When you begin to single out a particular person and tweet them nothing but angry, pointless garbage, chances are that you'll get unfollowed or blocked. That's kind of NOT the point of social media, eh?

#6) "Going Political" On Facebook


One of the most polarizing things you can do in this day and age is to try to convince how dumb others are for not believing in your political views. "Polarizing" and "social" don't mix, right? So, unless you're ready to raise the blood pressure of your friends, be careful of what you post.

Yes, I get it, it's a free country. But if you go the platform route as opposed to a discussion route, it usually doesn't end pretty when it comes to social interaction. Believe me, I've seen plenty of cases. If you're really into politics, then Twitter will probably be a better medium for you.

However, if you insist on using Facebook for talking politics, I encourage you to keep it short and sweet. That way, It is at least much more tolerable and less polarizing than if you launch into some long-winded commentary on how you disagree with so-and-so. That's what blogs are for, eh? 🙂

#7) Checking In On Foursquare to "Fake" Locations


Although this one cracks me up initially, it gets old rather quickly. Foursquare is for sharing cool, fun places out in the world where your friends may be - whether it be a restaurant, shopping center, stadium, etc. What I don't get are those people who check in to places like their college or home. Is that really worth sharing?

I guess Foursquare is partly to blame, as users can become the "Mayor" of the locations they check-in at the most, but still. In the words of ESPN's Monday Night Countdown... "C'mon, man!".


Well, that's it's until next time. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. If you have any other "Social Media Sins" that annoy you that were not mentioned here, please share them in the comments section below!

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