Apple Maps: Is It Really THAT Bad?

apple maps appSeriously...this whole Apple Maps thing is nothing but the [now] yearly "New Apple Issues", blown out of proportion to get page hits - like 'Antenna-gate', and everything else, (take your pick). Apple Maps are not as bad as what it has made out to be. Yes, there are problems - but are they THAT bad?

Is it as good as Google Maps out of the box? No.

Is it getting better daily? Yes.

Is it as bad as what the dreaded tech tabloids would have you believe? No.

I have used Apple Maps turn-by-turn directions a handful of times and I did not have any issues. I do find the maps uglier than Google's in most areas, but superior in others. Let me be clear, the first complaint I ever had about iOS 6 was Apple Maps - but it's just not that bad as everyone else is making it out to be.

I use real mapping software (TomTom) for most if not all of my driving direction needs. Garmin, and (believe it or not) MapQuest's map apps are superior to Google's. Also, Maze and MotionX are two great free GPS apps.

I'll put my point into perspective: even if Apple Maps was superior in every way to Google Maps, I'd still use real mapping software by a company that does nothing but concentrate on mapping (like the list above).

Bottom line, Google Maps have never been the perfect option for mapping as the tech tabloids would have you believe - most conveniently, now. Apple Maps are not the cancer as all the tech tabloids would have you think - it's just them getting 'hits' on their websites.

Tech tabloids are exhausting anymore. I wish things would go back pre-2007 where the geeks wrote about the stuff they know, not journalists selling stories for their profit. Just my take.

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