Big Changes Coming To Google’s Homepage On The Mobile Web?

google search bar
Cited in recent reports and in what could be a potentially huge shift in search demand and behavior, Google is adding a personalized Facebook-style news feed to the mobile version of its homepage. This means that in the near future, mobile users of will see content they may be interested in... before they search.

This content will contain news stories, videos, music and features selected on the basis of previous searches by the same user. Within search results, users will also soon be able to click a "follow" button to add topics of interest to their feed. Since December of 2016, in its smartphone app, Google has been trialling a simpler version of its news feed. Its full news feed will be added to its smartphone apps in the United States, first, and now the company has confirmed it will be rolling out the feature to as well.

The company did not divulge whether it would insert pay-per-click advertisements or sponsored posts into the feed, although it is believed that the focus of the service is to make Google more user-friendly, driving traffic to its other services.

Be sure to check back as we will have more on Google's (mobile) homepage evolution as the story develops!

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