AT&T and T-Mobile Call It Quits (A Customer’s Take)

AT&T - T-Mobile mergerStarting back in 2005-'06 when I switched from Sprint to Cingular (which AT&T bought shortly after), I became an advocate of AT&T. I had great service with them, plain and simple. I defended them repeatedly to 'hatahs when the iPhone came out in 2007. One of the biggest things people hated about the iPhone when it was first announced was it was on AT&T... and a "slow" 2G AT&T at that. To them I said, "I've been using ATT's EDGE service for a year or more, with no noticeable complaints." It was after all... a cell phone, (not a computer).

I had four bars with AT&T. This with my Blackberrys, (two different makes/models) and my iPhones, (two different makes/models). This had consistently been the case for years. Then, AT&T announced that it needed to get back into the market with creating LTE services that competed with the rest of the market, (Verizon in particular). They said in order to do this, their only option would be to buy a competitor with existing LTE services... like T-Mobile. I was overjoyed to hear this. As great as AT&T was for me, I did recognize their map could be better, and having T-Mobile's towers would only help this. AT&T stated repeatedly that they needed to buy T-Mobile so they could compete better with its competitors - and they also said their own network was struggling to keep up with demand of the higher mobile usage.

Then all of a sudden, as if the tower not too far from my house blew up or was turned off, I went from four bars to one. Then all of a sudden even with five bars in certain locations, my web browsing was slow and dropping calls became a norm. The service became almost unusable, despite what my connection was. It was horrible.

All of this, mind you, shortly after AT&T stated that they needed to upgrade their "struggling" network. I personally had never experienced a "struggling" network, and found this all too convenient of timing. Conspiracy theory on my part? Perhaps... but everything lined up quite strangely.

I started seeing this T-Mobile acquisition as this ploy to buy out their competition. As much as I wanted my network and cell usage back, I was always skeptical of this "merger". Then, something amazing happened. Back in February, a document was leaked back which supported that to build up their struggling network themselves, it would "only" take four billion dollars, not the 40 billion they were buying T-Mobile with.

With the conspiracy theory gaining momentum, I got wise. As soon as my contract was up, I switched over to Verizon immediately following the Apple iPhone 4S announcement.

As a simple closing... frak you AT&T... may you one day get destroyed.

Bitter? Maybe. But what was once a great product ended up steering me to their arch rival. Not good business.

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