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Conquer Mobile Marketing Over The Coming Year With This Checklist

Smartphones are popular. Those three words sum up exactly why no business can afford to ignore mobile marketing in 2018. Of course, you didn’t need us to tell you this, as you only need to walk through downtown Frederick, MD (or any street across the country for that matter) to confirm that as the truth.…
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Big Changes Coming To Google’s Homepage On The Mobile Web?

Cited in recent reports and in what could be a potentially huge shift in search demand and behavior, Google is adding a personalized Facebook-style news feed to the mobile version of its homepage. This means that in the near future, mobile users of will see content they may be interested in... before they search.…
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Why Your Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly For Google

If you are a website owner, you already know that keeping up with Google is a never-ending challenge. You are aiming for a moving target when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), as the criteria for ranking your site is always changing. Since organic search can be a tremendous source of free traffic for…
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