Apple Roundup: The iPad Mini, iPhone 5 & More

iPad mini In my opinion, yesterday's Apple product announcements were finally on par with what they are known and respected for - announcing a bunch of crazy things that continue to make other PC makers sweat.

If you've never had time with a 7" tablet, spend some. Believe it or not, they are awesome and a perfect 'mobile' size PENDING if the OS is good (no Amazon Fire crap, but the Nexus 7 is a great device).

Do I want an iPad Mini?

Yes, a white one.

A white Verizon LTE one. (I will never be an AT&T customer again. My ATT 3rd Gen iPad is only decent in its coverage).

I'm REALLY tempted in selling my now "defunct" iPad for an iPad Mini. Something tells me next year's will be Retina, and I can't go back to a non-Retina display. I have to see that screen first before any stupid decision is made. But wow... after spending time with the Nexus 7, I really want an iPad Mini.

Speaking of 'iPads'... of all the announcements, the introduction to a 4th generation iPad with 20% faster CPU (thus making it faster than the iPhone 5, only mere months after the 3rd gen iPad) is bullshit. Sorry, but it just is. It's 100% bullshit and I have to believe if Steve Jobs was still at the helm, this would not have happened. "Us" 3rd gen owners feel dooped.

Just wait, you'll read it in the tech tabloids... the 3rd gen iPad announced in March, was available April, and not in stock fully until May. May, June, July, August, September, October... 6 months later a much faster model becomes available, and my (total of) 900 bucks is null (in comparison). Bullshit.

Now, on to the iPhone 5... with its A6 processor, it... is... FAST. If I had to write some sort of review for the product, the first thing I'd say is: "The iPhone 5 finally achieves desktop computing speeds, in your hands". Since the iPad ushered in the 'Post PC' era, shouldn't the device BE desktop speeds - cause right now its close, but not quite. The iPhone 5 HAS desktop speeds, and with the 'Post PC' device carrying the 'A6X' processor, everything's in its correct place.

Of all of the announcements yesterday though, I was so happy for the iMac. That thing is a work of art. I mean, the design of the new iMac is so amazing, you should probably BUILD an office or a house around it. Not only does the carpet match the drapes, but it's just flat out gorgeous. And this is what Apple excels at. Other manufacturers catch up in design, and then Apple throws a new curve. Dell and HP both have impressive 'all-in-one' computers, but this new iMac puts them to shame. What I am most intrigued by this though, is that they decided to use 'hybrid' hard drives instead of all SSD. Interesting. I always thought that these hybrid SSD hard drives were unreliable. But, if 'Apple' is using it maybe the technology has finally caught up to their standards. OR maybe their standards have slipped. I'm hoping the latter doesn't apply.

My secondary surprise and excitement behind the iMac is the new Mac Mini. Arguably, the Mac Mini of all things replaced the Mac Pro. Now, truth be told, the technologies are completely different with different usage needs - but if you look at speed tests on paper, the numbers of the Mac Mini (at this point) are much much faster, except in video processing. I mean, Apple sells 'Minis'" as 'servers' for Pete's sake. Considering that you can get one for 500 bucks (what once was their 'entry level' Macs), it is now quite the little force to reckoned with.

As a whole, Apple did good yesterday. I was finally about to watch the event 'live' on my TV, with their Apple TV channel, and they picked a great event to start off their new channel. I'm quite pleased and am looking forward to trying these new products.

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