SOPA – A Bad Direction For The Internet

Anti-SOPA-Internet-PrivacyLook, SOPA is the first step of the US government interfering with the internet as we know it. To start, just think of China and their infamous restrictions with the net. SOPA would give the government the right to redirect you, the web user, elsewhere when you'd type in a URL if they find/feel that website is infringing (currently) on copyrighted material (AKA their first attempt at stopping piracy).

Let's be blunt here...this is how it happens.This is how the government starts banning their nation's beloved things. You start with what is seemingly a good idea, though misguided, and then incorporate it - and then slowly restrict further until it's a different idea all together.

Do I really have to give examples of the government removing our freedoms throughout history? Yeah, that came across a little cliche. Sorry.

I'm not anti-government, but in order to stop piracy this implementation is 100% wrong. They are using this as a first step to controlling the net.

We won't ever be like China, cause we are the land of awesome - but this isn't sitting well with me. Here's the list, by the way...

All of the Companies That Support SOPA, the Awful Internet Censorship Law

Crap... my "conspiracy-theory-mind" is kicking in again. Again, I'm not anti-government... really!

Oh yeah, hey, look at that... the NHL isn't on there. You're damn right they aren't.

And why not? Because the internet is the best way to promote the sport!

Any sport... any medium... anything, for that matter.

And hey, look at that, TV broadcasters that have a stake in the mainstream sports (NFL, MLB), support this lie. Interesting.

Seriously, read up on SOPA and do not support it. It's wrong, and it's the first step in the government regulating the net.

This ends my public service rant for the day 🙂

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